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If you see the three items you are smarter then ALL the doctors

that looked at this x-ray and said there is NOTHING there.

The single x-ray that actually tells the story, just

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Over 100 doctors and other professionals at Kaiser could not see foreign objects in over 50 x-rays, 15 CT Scans for 13 years, is it ignorance or is it a cover-up?  As the chief of surgery stated, no Kaiser doctor will say another Kaiser doctor did anything wrong.  How can anyone trust a HMO that has that inherent code for it's doctors?

Giving opioids to keep the cover-up wrapped up.  Get the patient addicted to narcotics and then control the patient by pain management,  managing the pain to keep the patient from speaking out.




What you should know before seeing a doctor.  It will be a write from my life

experiences and what you say to a doctor and what a doctor hears.

I may include a dictionary from English to Doctor English and from Doctor English to English.


Here is a link to show you how Cook Medical shows the product is designed to work

Cook Medical T-Tacks

Different Views of Cook Medical T-Tacks, from Cook Medical and from Kaiser

Just go to the bottom of the new page and play the video

Cook Medical Instructions For Use and Removal

Notice the 14 days and not 12 years.... or put in permanently.

Is it malpractice to not follow manufacturers instructions and harm tens of thousands of patients?

That is the question before the arbitrator, does the doctor know more then the FDA and the manufacturer?

Imagine that:

An opioid epidemic in the US and it may be because doctors are covering for other doctors surgical malpractice.  Here is a true story of a patient that has been given narcotics for a decade only to cover foreign objects that were left by a surgeon that "always leaves those items, they never cause any problem", well if the reports always say normal and never say a word about the foreign objects but the patient is given narcotics to cover the pain the foreign objects cause, then we have a problem.  Is this a medical cover up by the largest HMO in the USA?

This same HMO wants to treat our troops... God Please Save Us!

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  The reason I am spending the money and time to develop this news and breaking news site is a fourteen year story of more then one hundred  different doctors, more then 15 CT scans, 50+ X-Rays showing items a surgeon left inside of my body doing damage and the Kaiser Permanente policy as we have been told so many times, is to not report foreign objects even if the patient is complaining for years of pain in the area of the foreign objects

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Maybe with enough information over time we can place patients with attorney's or give choices of attorney's that you can contact and see if they can help you with your case because they are already handling similar cases.

If you or a family member had a G-Tube placed by Kaiser I will have a phone number for you to call for a class action suit against Kaiser.  Phone service being purchased now and should be ready in a few days.

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I am working with candidates for State Congress to change the MICRA laws.  The arbitrary limits placed in 1975 take away your equal rights to a person injured in 1975.  We need your support on this subject.  If you are reading this page you already know your life is only worth 250,000 less legal fees in California.  That needs to change.

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